What difference will your life make? What impact on others will you have? Will you be intentional about creating a legacy that makes a ripple effect or will you continue to let life happen to you? We are committed to helping even more people create a life worth living that makes the World a better place.


What Is A Legacy Builder?

A Legacy Builder is someone who believes they have a story or an expertise that can help others make their lives better.

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Legacy Builders LIVE is a 3-day event in San Diego, California, where Bryan Dulaney bring together thought leaders who live, eat, and breathe Legacy, and who are at the top of their game and want to see you thriving.

During our 3-day event, you will create your irresistible offer, design your launch strategy, grow & scale your business, and establish powerful connections that will propel your business forward.


The visionary

After Bryan’s near death experience, he went on a journey to discover his purpose here on earth. And what he discovered was that his purpose was to share his story of God reviving him from death so that he could serve others and help them share their own stories of triumph, overcoming, and knowledge to leave an imprint on the world. When you share your story and expertise the right way, you’re able to increase your income, influence, and impact, and therefore, build your legacy.

Bryan’s mission is to impact, empower, equip, and then send out one billion (1,000,000,000) people through transforming their own lives. However, he knows he cannot do it alone. This is where you come in. By partnering together, you and Bryan will change the world one person at time through your joint and collective effort. Are you up for touching one billion lives?

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