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​See under the hood of how we have built multiple 8-Figure businesses and how to create a 7 or an 8-figure value ladder for your business.

An in-depth look and nothing held back at our 8 Secret Marketing Strategies we used to WIN Top 5 in this biggest launch in History for Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, & Russell Brunson, selling more than 500 courses at $1,997 and winning a mastermind trip to Tony’s resort, Namale, in Fiji with the Top 10 Affiliates such as: Jenna Kutcher, John Lee Dumas, Billy Gene, Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, and others.

​You’ll hear from little-known 7 & 8-Figure Entrepreneurs who will share their secrets to success on their journey.

​Get Hot Seat Sessions to get feedback from the entire mastermind group of 7 & 8-Figure entrepreneurs.

​Network with others and open up possible JV opportunities to do business together.

​Plus, much more awesomeness in store…

Outcomes You Can Experience

Build Your Legacy: If you were to die in two weeks from now, what would your legacy be?  What difference would your life have made? What impact would you have left behind?  We will be intentional about helping you create a legacy that makes a ripple effect beyond your time here on earth.

Create Your Irresistible Offer: Your offer is what you sell and who you sell it to.  With more than two decades of combined experience creating winning offers, we will show you exactly how you can create your own irresistible offers that people are hungry to pay and throw money at you so you can change their lives.

Design Your Launch Strategy: The time to have the map is before you enter the woods.  We will design your launch strategy that’s specific to what you have to offer (whether it’s a course or a coaching program or a mastermind offer).  You get to learn from our $250+ Million worth of launching offers and put our lessons to play into your business so you don’t have to waste time or money trying to figure it out on your own.

Grow & Scale Your Business: Once you have your offers (what you sell), your funnels (how you sell it), and your marketing & advertising strategy dialed in then it’s time to put some gas on the fire.  It’s time to grow and scale your business. We are going to accelerate your growth and scaling process because we’ve built multiple 7 & 8-Figure Businesses for ourselves and for our clients and partners that we love and serve.

Establish Powerful Connections: Be a part of the Legacy Builders Family and establish powerful connections, JV opportunities, affiliate relationships, and who knows who else you will meet at this high-level two-day mastermind in beautiful San Diego, CA.  One relationship can change everything for you, just like it has for both Bryan & Nick.


Bryan Dulaney

Among the Top 1% of all marketers and funnel experts worldwide, Bryan Dulaney has provided the strategy and/or designed the marketing and sales systems for over $250 million in sales for his students, consulting & agency clients, and within his own companies.

Creator & Founder of the Perfect Funnel System™, Bryan’s innovative, disruptive, and highly-profitable messaging continues to cut through the noise in 25+ business and consumer markets.


Stephanie Dulaney

Stephanie immediately began her 8 year sales career with a well known Fortune 100 company. During this time, Stephanie discovered her outstanding skills in Database Management, Training, and Systems, and was among the highest paid, top producers in High Ticket Sales while she simultaneously owned, invested, and sold two top ranked health & fitness industry businesses in Southern California. Today, Stephanie brings her expertise to her team and works closely with Bryan to continually search for and serve Experts who are purpose driven entrepreneurs in need of the right online marketing system that can take their business to the next level!

Nick Unsworth

As a high-performance super coach, Nick Unsworth spends his time helping others expand their vision and achieve “impossible” goals. He’s a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, renowned podcast host, contributing writer at Entrepreneur, consultant to business icons like Daymond John, Gary Vaynerchuk, and John Assaraf, and founder of Life on Fire – a personal development platform with more than 170,000 members.

Megan Unsworth

Megan Unsworth, wife to Nick Unsworth, mama to Aiden and Riley is often referred to as the “First Lady of Life on Fire,” she is the Director of Life on Fire Coaching. With a background as the Chief Operating Officer of a successful advertising agency combined with deep study in personal development, NLP, Hypnotherapy, & Time Line Therapy; she packs the perfect one-two punch for creating client success stories. She helps her clients unleash their greatest potential so that they live, grow, and prosper in ALL areas of Life.

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Success Stories* Results may vary

“After one 90-minute strategy session I generated $19,000 in new business. If you have an opportunity to hire Nick & Bryan…do it!”

Alycia Zimnoch

“They are the REAL DEAL.  They deliver MASSIVE value and results. We did $1.4 million in just a few months…and more than $10 million in less than a year”

Ryan D. Lee

$10MM In Just 7 Months

“We did it!” We generated $1,050,038 in revenue from our first 4 webinars… they are AMAZING and can get anyone on track to earn $1 million dollars or more with their SYSTEM!”

Chimene Van Gundy

$1.2MM In 21 Days Setting A New Record…

“I arrived in San Diego with only my van… I had no money, no home, BUT I had a burning desire for change. I borrowed money, got my vision, and Nick connected me with my new business partner. I’m now making over $20,000 per month, BAM!  Their strategy, coaching, & connections completely changed my life.”


“I signed up to work with Nick & Bryan…did a strategy session…got my 30-day launch plan…and got my very FIRST client for $20,000 woo-hoo!  Thank you guys!”


“I’m a single mom with 4 kids and was working 4 jobs to get by. I took a leap of faith, borrowed money, and went for my dreams. I replaced my income and have clients paying me $500 per hour AND I get to see my kids now!!”


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