Listen to what Dean Graziosi has to say why masterminds are the best way to get started if you have a skill or knowledge, wisdom or expertise that can help others.

This is the 3rd question of 7 questions that Nick Unsworth and I asked Dean Graziosi at his offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now, you can write and launch a book and that’s great because books can be great for generating buyers or opening doors for you like speaking on stages or webinars or podcasts.

You can create and sell a course which is also great because it scales really well and people love to buy courses and learn from people who have specialized knowledge.

You can create and market a coaching program (either one on one or group coaching) and that’s great because coaching moves the needle in people’s lives right up there with masterminds.

You can also create and launch a mastermind.  Dean says that masterminds are one of the things that you should focus on launching first because it’s scalable and produces both the income and impact that you desire.

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