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About Bryan Dulaney

Bryan Dulaney is the CEO (Chief Evangelist Officer) and Founder of the Perfect Funnel System.  The Perfect Funnel System is responsible for generating over $30+ Million online for Bryan's clients, partnerships and his own products and services online. 

Bryan's online marketing career started when he made $750 in his first 7 days because of joining the 30 day challenge to learn how to make his first $1 as an affiliate selling other people's stuff online.

After making that first sale, faith was built for Bryan, and he knew there had to be a way to predictably generate leads and sales online so he could be his own boss rather than getting a JOB right out of college. 

Bryan studied everything he could about internet marketing until he stumbled upon a guy named James from Australia who was already earning multiple 6 figures per month.  Bryan hired him as his mentor and coach and because of his guidance, direction and wisdom Bryan turned $500 in advertising on Google into $20,000 in sales and $10,000 in commissions in less than 7 days. 

After that Bryan fired his MBA teachers and started his company.  As they say, "the rest is history."  You can see a timeline journey of Bryan's career below.  It wasn't always peaches and cream, but Bryan forged his way to success as a 7 Figure Earner who now owns multiple companies that generate over $1 million a year online and one that's on path to generating over $1 million per month.  Read more about Bryan's journey below...

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Our Team
Bryan Dulaney
Chief Evangelist Officer

Bryan loves to create things of value that make an impact in other people's lives.  He's a 2nd degree black belt and loves spending one month adventuring to places like Hawaii.

Michael Mushlin
Chief Increase Officer

Michael has been helping businesses grow and succeed for more than 25 years. As a former CPA with the world’s largest account firm, Mike began implementing ERP solutions for clients starting at the age of 24.

Michael Dulaney
Chief Advertising Officer

Michael has managed over $1 million in advertising through Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Yahoo/Bing advertising, YouTube advertising and much much more…

Bryan Dulaney
Digital Strategist

Tracy is responsible for the day to day strategy calls with our potential clients. He is extremely passionate about helping our clients businesses grow and succeed online with funnels. After 7 years in the US Navy he went on to a career in marketing and advertising sales at a 2 billion dollar agency. 

Drew Burks
Director of Funnel Dev.

Drew is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs Design and Automate Lifestyle Businesses that provide them with Time Freedom to enjoy life.

Drew began building automated campaigns in 2010 and has helped dozens of different types of businesses.  Many of which are doing 6 and even 7 figure revenues.

Michael Dulaney
Account Manager

Mike co-founded DC Expo in 1985, an Exhibition for Supply Chain Technology. Over the next 5 years he was responsible for increasing the events from 1 to 7 and the value of the company from $350,000 to $6,000,000. Using cutting edge technology he helped his clients reach new heights and of the 30 top Supply Chain Technology Companies today, 90% of them got their start at his events.

Bryan Dulaney
Design & Developer
Simon Skilling
Web Developer
Isaac Bitar
Video Production
Megan Unsworth
Mike Ortiz
Video Production
Sofia Ortiz
Design & Storyboarding
Bryan Dulaney
CEO, Perfect Funnel System
It is my purpose and mission to Empower Experts With The Right System So They Can Change The World and Impact more than 1 Billion people's lives in my lifetime.
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