In this video, I share my #1 fear I had when joining a high level mastermind that was $25k.

My #1 Fear When Joining A Mastermind was “Would it pay off or be a waste of money?”

Have you ever had that thought with a course?

Have you ever had that thought with an event?

Have you ever had that thought with a service?

Have you ever had that thought with a mastermind?

I had it too.

The first time I was asked to part with $25k, I remember having this same fear pop up, (false evidence appearing real) hitting me in the gut and it wanted me to stay small.

Don’t you just love how your fight or flight instincts kick into gear and try to convince you of playing small, or staying in the comfort zone (what you know)?

In this story, in my first year of this high level mastermind, I was given simply one shift in an idea and that gave me the clarity and the vision I needed to move forward with confidence.

I launched it and it produced more than 12X ROAS (return on ad spend).

The 2nd year, in the same mastermind, I met just one client and helped them to CRUSH IT (2CCX super fast) and many of you know my story of how I helped Ryan D. Lee & Brad Hart with their brand – Cashflow Tactics.

So, if you think about it… that’s 20 years worth of masterminds at that level from just 2 years of joining that high level mastermind where I felt the fear pop up.

I’m glad I didn’t let fear get in the way of that investment into my future success. Don’t let fear get in your way of success either. Surround yourself with the right coaches who can give you the confidence you need when you just don’t have it for yourself. It happens to the best of us.

You’re not alone.

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Dean Graziosi’s Next 10 Year Prediction: 
1. If you die with knowledge in your head, you should feel guilty as hell.
2. When you go to a job interview or you’re going to partner with someone, they say, “yea yea… great you went to college, but where did you get your self-education?”

“If you were to do these two things, we will change the world!” – Dean Graziosi

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In your corner,

Bryan Dulaney

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